SDK Compliance Guide

In accordance with national laws, regulations, and regulatory authorities’ requirements, developers (referred to as “developers” or “you” hereinafter) should respect and protect the personal information of end-users when providing network product services. It is prohibited to illegally or non-compliantly collect and use personal information. Developers must ensure and commit to obtaining the end-users’ authorization and consent for the processing of personal information, follow the principle of minimum necessity, and take effective technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal information.

To assist developers in accessing and using our SDK (third-party SDK for Apps) in compliance with relevant laws, regulations, policies, and regulatory standards related to personal information security protection and to avoid situations that infringe upon users’ personal information rights, Beijing Meixin Topology Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “we” hereinafter) has specially formulated this ‘SDK Compliance Usage Guidelines’ document (referred to as the “document”).

Please read and understand the content of this document thoroughly before accessing and using our SDK.

1. Compliance Requirements for Personal Information Protection in the App

To protect the personal information of App end-users, both the App and its developers are required to meet the following compliance requirements:

• App developers should establish a privacy policy and prominently display it within the App interface. The privacy policy (or similarly named document, such as Personal Information Protection Policy) is an important document that explains the collection and usage of personal information by the App, obtaining users’ lawful consent, and protecting the rights of the individual whose personal information is being collected. You can refer to “GB/T 35273-2020 Information Security Technology - Personal Information Security Specification” for valuable guidance on personal information protection requirements and privacy policy drafting.

• The App’s privacy policy should be separate and distinct, not embedded within other documents like user agreements.

• The App’s privacy policy should explicitly state the purposes, methods, and scope of collecting and using personal information. It should ensure that the privacy policy link is functional, easily accessible, and readable.

• The App’s privacy policy should itemize each business function of the App and the corresponding types of personal information collected, avoiding the use of generalizations such as “etc.” or “for example.”

• The App’s privacy policy should prominently identify types of sensitive personal information (e.g., by using bold font).

• The App’s privacy policy should itemize the third-party SDKs that are invoked, including explicit information such as SDK names, SDK developer names, types of personal information collected and processed by the SDK, purposes, methods, scope of SDK usage, and links to the SDK’s privacy policies.

2. SDK Compliance Declaration

Our SDK requires user authorization for the following but not limited to the permissions as listed in the table below:

Permission Purpose Optional/Mandatory Platform
Camera Permission Required for sending image-based messages Optional Android, iOS
Storage Permission Used for storing images and files users need Optional Android, iOS
Location Permission Necessary for sending location-based messages Optional Android, iOS
Phone Info Permission Used as a unique device identifier for multi-device login Mandatory Android
Recording Permission Used for sending voice-based messages Optional Android, iOS
Network Permission Required for networking functionality Mandatory Android, iOS
Network State Permission Used for automatic reconnection during network state changes Mandatory Android, iOS
Wi-Fi Permission Used for automatic reconnection during network state changes Mandatory Android, iOS
SD Card Read/Write Permission Used for storing images and files users need Optional Android
Modify System Settings Permission Used for modifying system language settings Optional Android
Call Permission Allows users to contact Bluebird IM customer support Optional Android, iOS

SDK Privacy Policy Disclosure Requirements and Sample Statement

In order to comply with the relevant requirements, you should include the following information in your app’s privacy policy, depending on the actual integration of the SDK:

  1. Third-Party SDK Name
  2. SDK Company Name
  3. Primary Functions of the SDK
  4. Personal Information Involved by the SDK
  5. System Permissions Required by the SDK
  6. Privacy Policy Link for the SDK

Privacy Policy Usage Recommendations

3. Contact Information

If third-party developers and/or end-users have questions regarding this statement or matters related to personal information, they can contact us through the following means:

Data Protection Officer Contact Number: 400-666-0162

To efficiently address your inquiries and provide timely feedback, we may require you to submit identification, valid contact information, written requests, and relevant evidence. We will verify the identity of the requester and promptly review the issues involved, providing a response accordingly.