Next-Gen Cloud Native IM

Multi-cloud architecture, One-Click deployment, monthly charge (PAYG)

Minimalist Style SDK and API, Easy Integration

  • IM
  • Push
  • AI
  • IM supports voice, image, custom messages and more
  • Cloud storage for messages, multi-device synchronization supported
  • Open platform architecture for easier service extensions

Various Scenarios, In-app Chat

  • Live streaming
  • Online Customer Service
  • Social APP
  • Collaboration OA
  • AI ChatBots
In the online entertainment scenario, chats, barrages, and gifts in the live streaming room are all sent as chatroom messages, or more accurately, custom messages to show special effects or process relevant businesses.
In social platform applications, users would communicate with others for stranger socializing, gaming, or Metaverse interactions. Sometimes, such communications are done through one-on-one messages, and other times multi-user chats are also used through group chat messages.

Chatbots powered by AI engines, whether in software like online customer services or hardware like smart speakers or watches, all transmit directives through IM systems. A typical design is receive messages through message subscription services, and send replies through server-side APIs.

Multiple AI services are currently built in, compatible with various LLMs. Customization is also supported through documentation. Login for further information.

Quick Integration, Convenient and Professional

Professional IM, scan code to try out, 1-hour integration, best choice for start-ups

Better cost-effectiveness

The most optimized high-performance service ensures cost performance, on-demand use, and linear pricing without tariff fluctuation.

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Quick integration

Cross-platform SDK Floo, neat and elegant API, making integration very simple.

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Efficient and reliable

Newly designed binary communication protocol with low traffic and delay, ensuring reliable and orderly delivery of messages.

Stable and robust

10 million-scale concurrency, stable serving, and up to 99.99% SLA availability.

Professional SDK, Monthly Charged Private Cloud

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